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Spring 2013 PDNedu Magazine:

“While the book is geared towards artists, it is a helpful and intriguing read for anyone looking to reflect on life choices and the future”.


Forging a Career in the Fine Arts – JobMonkey talks to Rhonda Schaller:

“It takes more than passion and talent to forge a career as an artist. Rhonda Schaller, author of Create Your Art Career, talks about her book, her personal success in the art work, and the factors that make it possible to earn a living in art.”


Filling the gaps that most art and design education misses, this timely book demystifies the creative life, opening up new possibilities for defining personal goals and career success that will get creative professionals where they dream of going.”

—Deborah Bright, Chair of Fine Arts, Pratt Institute


Everything I’ve learned from Rhonda has helped me in becoming not only a better artist, but also a better person. Create you Art Career will show you how to find your path as an artist and a professional, in the most effective way possible.”

— Alexandre F. Nunes, founder of, Zaxo Photo


If the business side of your art is a challenge, this book will change your mind. It combines the exercises artists love with the business tools artists need.”

— Ilise Benun, founder of and author of The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money


Inspiring and practical, a must-read for creative professionals of all types, at every stage of development. Schaller has carefully crafted an illuminating ‘how-to” guide for merging art with business; without compromising the spirit or success of either.”

Andrea Kahn, Artist/Entrepreneur


Fall 2012 PDNedu Magazine:

Finding Your Inner Voice Project X Snapshot by Harrison Jacobs

Rhonda Schaller’s creative meditation class allows students to be a master of their own tools. Click to read more…


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